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About Coach Jaz

Jasmine Roloff

Jasmine Roloff ("Coach Jaz") has a boutique private practice coaching women executives, business leaders and professionals. If you are a high-achieving woman from any field, Coach Jaz can help you "turn every challenge into an opportunity!" 

After many years Coach Jaz has come to see that the same 5 basic steps help 90% of high-achieving women go from a 6-7 to a 9-10/10 in energy, focus, and satisfaction. With this program you can be happier and more effective both personally and professionally, by:
- Focusing on energy balance instead of "life balance"
- Expanding instead of "saving" time
- Creating/innovating instead of "solving"
- Leading instead of "performing"

Jasmine tailors her coaching to each individual client's unique needs, employing a unique, holistic blend of validated personal and executive coaching skills, cutting-edge evolutionary tools, positive psychology principles, spirituality and energetic coaching, and goal-setting science.

A former corporate attorney at a big-name law firm, Jasmine left her prestigious career to find greater personal fulfillment and discover her true mission in life. This path eventually led to a successful coaching career, where she could share the wisdom gained in her journey and pursue her passion for helping others achieve the same authenticity, purpose, and success in their own lives. 

Jasmine has successfully coached high-level business owners, nonprofit leaders, executives, professionals and other coaches to achieve their highest and best selves.

Specialties: women executives, leader coaching, evolutionary executive coach, visionary leadership development, positive psychology, intuition coaching, brain science, energy management


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